Doge token on Waves Blockchain. Use Dogeves to trade tokens.

Just type “token name / Dogeves” on WavesDEX.

Simple. Fast. Cheap. Easy.

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a trading pair token
for Waves tokens

Why & What <br>Dogeves solves?

Why & What
Dogeves solves?

Many tokens on WavesDEX sell at price 0.00000001 Waves without buying order. By using Dogeves-pair, everyone can trade those tokens and make WavesDEX great again.

Designed for everyone. <br>Made for teams.

Designed for everyone.
Made for teams.

Waves Ecosystem is for everyone. By using Dogeves, everyone can trade Waves tokens even at price below 0.00000001 Waves.

Trade anywhere. <br>On all your devices.

Trade anywhere.
On all your devices.

Dogeves can be traded on WavesDEX for a while. The additional exchanges will be announced soon.

Simple token. <br>Simple function.

Simple token.
Simple function.

Dogeves function is to be trading-pair token.

Let's use Dogeves to trade tokens on Waves Blockchain.